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Just in case you’re wondering why it has been so quiet on this website. Let me tell you, the last few months have been outstandingly exciting for me.

A few friends and I are working on a project called plants & machines.
We’re building a robotic kit that automates everything from aquariums, hydroponic systems, aquaponic systems, fermenters and your house (not kidding) – while providing a precisely adjusted habitat and perfect environmental conditions for biological lifeforms.

The robotic kit goes into a beautifully crafted case made out of wood, glass and aluminum.
Joined with aquatic animals, micro organisms and plantation they merge into an ecosystem and become an aquaponic robot.




You should definitely check out our website…
On is some prototyping imagery and on github is some prototype code.

So I’ve spend my days programming C++, tinkering with hardware, modeling components, CNCing, 3D-printing and at the same time with the help of my friends, growing this project into to a startup.

We’re all still very busy over at plants & machines, so please forgive me but it sure will take a while before you’ll see the next post on

You’ll have better chances over at our blog at

Put the bot back into botanic!

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