Bitcoin vending machine

A friend of mine (max albrecht) came up with the idea to give out bitcoins for cash. He got himself some hardware, which was originally a vending machine for condoms, and modified it to some degree.
We hooked it up in the hall of the m18 in weimar.

Just put in one euro and you’ll get a link to a wallet with the corresponding amount of bitcoins in it. Use of the torwallet will be available soon. I’m amazed that we can do this with currency in this day and age, it just goes to show how far the digital era has come. If you have Bitcoin of your own or are looking to build on your Bitcoin, you can use this machine and then take the next steps in getting what you want for your Bitcoin. An example of this would be using it for online casino games in the hope of possibly doubling or tripling your money, websites such as can help with this and show you how to go about getting this done. The era of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies certainly won’t be slowing down and before you know it, vending machines such as these could be on every corner, or by every ATM on the street.

Sorry for the hipster pictures below… Due to the crappy nature of my mobile devices’ camera, it’s not possible to record decent regular pictures.




Easywallet now supports coupons that give out bitcoins corresponding to the actual exchange rate as you scan the code… Thanks to max.


Max blogged a post as well, over at

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