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One of the projects I am working on right now, deals with interface design. I actually took this workshop from Fakultaet Medien because I think that in the next few years interfaces will be integrated into architecture. While our life becomes more digital day to day, we seek for a technology that enables us to stay connected to our “binary-copy” without the need for a dedicated device. I’m rolling with Bastian Bügler to design a better bookmarks system.

The course is in cooperation with mozilla labs:

The course, conducted by Jan Dittrich under the supervision of Prof. Jens Geelhaar – enables students to create applications and products focused on user needs. Students from various backgrounds have joined the course – media art & design, computer science students and even an architecture student.

The students are initially introduced to the basics of interaction. The class then aims to deal with design for and with free projects – so in later sessions the students are introduced to possibilities and problems of open source design.

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Our goal is to create a bookmarks system that doesn’t require the user to think about how he needs to organize his bookmarks. We want a straigt forward solution where the user only needs one klick to bookmark a page and everything else will be done by the browser. Trying to find a certain page the user will be presented with a “tag-cloud” like overview of his bookmarks. He will also be able to specify the output of the cloud via text-based search input.


Full interviews and Research evaluation here

users goals

  • keep interesting, rare, hard to find pages at the tip of their fingers
  • organize a simple structure to do so, without supplying any additional information
  • refind pages easily without having to big of a thinking-process

users main issues

  • users rather leave tabs open to “refind” pages because the bookmark system as of today requires a lot of user-based thought and action

Was stoert dich beim heutigen Bookmarks-Konzept? bookmarken ist zu aufwändig erst noch sortieren und speichern – eigentlich will man ja nur ein tab weniger haben.

  • bookmarks are too static, folder based (hierachical) sorting doesn’t represent the way we think nowadays

Was stoert dich beim heutigen Bookmarks-Konzept? Einmal alles. bookmarks sind als statische ordner gespeichert nicht als datenbank einträge die von ordnern losgelöst sind. das bookmark sollte autonom behandelt werden und eher nacht tags oder meta angaben sortiert werden.

  • because the user is lazy most of the bookmarks are thrown into one folder, thus the whole idea of bookmarking becomes obsolete
  • user will more likly use text based search (history, google) to refind information, but the bookmarks system doesn’t support this

our Goals

  • bookmark websites with a single click – minimize workload of the user
  • automatic tagging and clustering of bookmarks through text recognition – create a userfriendly overview of bookmarked pages
  • supply a dynamic text based search engine – refind pages in a familiar way
  • have a very minimal and sleek design – not distracting the user

our non-goals

  • user specified tags
  • static sorting of bookmarks
  • fancy graphics or even animations in the interface


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