Dirk Schwittlich and I came up with this idea for an analytical mockup of Jena (Germany).
It’s a physical mockup made out of Styrodur showing the historical change of the city’s structure, layer by layer.
Additionally we light up certain areas of the mockup following a timeline, giving the audience a grasp on how the city changed over the last century.
Along with that, pictures and videos are displayed next to the mockup, each corresponding to historic events that provoked these changes.

We were able to overcome certain shortages of the architectural mockup by adding a new dimension, the time. Creating a unique dynamic visual experience without making the mockup unreadable when the animation is not present.

This was the second attempt with more to follow. Thoughts for the future are:
Adding a user interface, so the audience decides what information they want to display.
Being able to display elevations, etc. on top of the mockup houses.
Using more than one beamer to display information on the vertical faces of the mockup.

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