swopspot exhibition

We were asked to present swopspot during the annual bauhaus exhibition called summary. I’ve been thinking for a while on how to present a website in the context of an art show and I came up with the following idea:

We got some items from the website and put them into plexiglass bubbles. Each bubble has a tag stating name of the item, owner, describtion and story, just like on swopspot.net. Additionally there is a QR code linking to the regarding object on the website.

Hanging from the ceiling the items appear to be floating in midair. Visitors wonder how the objects are related to each other or if there is a deeper meaning to all of this. Equipped with a tablet, we approach the viewer, scan the item they seem to be interested in and show a live demo of our website.

The feedback was amazing, for the exhibition and for swopspot… Looks like we’ll get some more people joining us soon.




Bernd posted some more pictures on the whole story over on the maschinenraum blog

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